Monday, January 11, 2010

Quiet weekend

I can't believe it's over!! I did all the things that you should do during a lazy weekend:

1. Read a book
(not pleasant - lots of tears and cringing and heartbreak, but necessary - seriously - you need to read this)

2. Played cribbage
Totally random - we found a board Saturday afternoon and learned how to play Saturday night. I won :).

3. Made delicious meals
Vegie Thai Spring Rolls and miso soup from my new favorite cook book by Deborah Madison.

4. Went to a movie.
Yep! I'm on the bandwagon. I never want to see a movie that isn't in 3D ever again! AMAZING! Even the trailers were blowing my mind. Can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland.

Does that even sound real??!! I can hardly believe that the hubs and I got to just enjoy each other's company and have such a nice, quiet weekend. Can we do it again??

Just for funsies - here's the trailer for Alice in Wonderland. Just try to imagine it in 3D :)


  1. Your weekend sounds perfect. I've been playing cribbage ever since I was a kid (my grandparents taught me, its big in my family).

  2. Well, I'm pretty sure we have some more practicing to math skills leave a lot to be desired. It's hard! By the way, I just pored over your blog just now - love it!