Monday, January 4, 2010


I need some opinions and I know you have them... :). I've been (slowly) working on some brand updates and am stuck on step one and the most important - my logo. I wanted to get away from the big, pink, tropical flower. When I first created my brand, the flower was more appropriate. My jewelry has evolved so much and it's time my brand did too.

I love the script font and I would like to keep the logo somewhat recognizable - so the flower goes and the fonts stay. Here's where I need help. I've narrowed my options down to these 2 logos. I like them both - the first one a bit more, but I think the second one might lend itself to more applications in a better way. Business cards - blog and etsy banners, stickers for boxes, earrings cards, I am confused!!

What do you think? Leave a comment or email me - erin(at) I'll also post them on my Facebook page if you want to leave a comment there. Here are the new beauties:


  1. Love them both but the second one stands out more to me. simple yet still eye catching.

  2. ah, thank you Paula!! your comments mean so much!!