Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Wedding...

OK, I know we just had our 2 year anniversary and I posted some photos last month, but I saw this post on Scoutie Girl today and just had to participate. How sweet! I love Tara's story and with every wedding there is a story...

I was a bit stressed the year we planned our wedding. I, like so many brides, wanted it to be perfect. There are so many people to please, so many decisions to make...and at times, it felt impossible. But, also lots of fun :). Invite designing, dress shopping, photographer picking, menu making, decorating...oh, the fun girly stuff!! You might think I spent time thinking about what jewelry I would make for myself...but you would be wrong. I spent time designing my mom's and my sister's jewelry and ended up making mine just a few days before we left. Now when I work with brides, I have so many ideas and so much excitement to make something perfect for them. Something I wasn't able to do for myself.

We decided to get married in Maui. I really wanted a small wedding and we had a hard time getting the guest list as short as we wanted, but getting married so far away definitely helped :). Don't get me wrong, I wanted all my friends and family there - but I also wanted it intimate.

It ended up being the absolute best time of our lives. That sounds so obvious - but it was perfection. Most of our 50 guests had never met before and a few days before the wedding, we snorkeled, whale watched, golfed, ate and of course drank lots of fruity drinks together and everyone became best of friends. That was definitely one of my very favorite parts was seeing all the people I love together and having so much fun.

It was simply a beautiful day and now I have the best husband a girl could ask for to show for it.

Can't wait for wedding season... :).

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