Friday, March 19, 2010

New works - only for you!

I finished taking photos of a bunch of new work yesterday. I'm trying to stagger my uploading of new goodies to my shop - but I couldn't wait to share photos! I had been neglecting necklaces for a long time...I was on such a ring kick for a while...well, still am. So, I went nuts with a bunch of new necklaces. I find them extremely difficult to photograph. Sigh. Rings are my favorite - or studs. Anything teeny tiny I have a much easier time photographing. Earrings I still need work, but they are OK. Necklaces - so hard.

First, are the 3 items that I did end up listing last night - so go check them out!

Rutilated Quartz coins in Gold Filled Chandeliers

Here are the rest of the bunch from this week. They will all be listed in the next few days!


  1. Wow! Been busy haven't you. Love the little Labradorite Pendant, it's sooo sweet!

  2. I have! I see you have too! Glad you are feeling better and getting some time in your studio!