Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas cards

I got my Christmas cards the other day! I'm so excited. They are beautiful and made by Smock Paper, they also have an Etsy shop. Smock prints on sustainable, pesticide-free bamboo paper and run their shop on wind energy. 1% of their proceeds goes to For the Planet - so it's just hard not to feel good about not making my own cards this year and sending these beauties out instead. Also, you HAVE to see their wrapping paper - oh my gosh, gorgeous...

I'm trying to stay distracted by all the decorating, baking, gifting, and crafting that I have coming up this month. I do love this time of year for all those reasons. But, I was hoping to be busy in my studio with lots of orders. Holiday sales for Erin Jane Designs just aren't what I thought they would be...maybe all those last minute shoppers will still come flooding in :). In the meantime, I still have the house to decorate, the tree to trim, the crafts to make and the goodies to bake! Every year my sister and I have our annual holiday crafting day. Sunday is the day and this year our gift is homemade vanilla...I'll post pictures soon. Should be a fun project. I have a few more up my sleeve too - I'll wait to spill the beans on those later!

Have a happy weekend!

*photos care of Smock


  1. I like the enviromental things that you shared. Their shop being run on wind energy is really interesting. I stumbled across your blog and I am glad that I did.

    Thanks for sharing.