Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More work + iPhoto trick

I have a few quick things to show you! And, one that I need an opinion on...I'm opening a can of worms, maybe :). I'm still in a crazy ring phase, but I thought I would do some bezel set necklaces this week (plus one random wire wrapped one)...Here's the newest batch...

Whiskey Quartz and Oxidized Sterling Necklace...will list soon...

Labradorite and Sterling Necklace - simple design, but this stone is a real stunner, so simple is all it needs - check it out

White Chalcedony and Oxidized Sterling Oval Necklace - will list soon

This is the one I'm not sure about. I like this photo best, because you can really see the scallops. I normally don't use the scalloped bezel wire unless I have a really simple or rustic stone to use - then I like the scallop to give it some cuteness juxtaposed with rustic. So, what do you think? Meh? Cool? Pretty?...

Aqua Chalcedony and Sterling Ring - this stone makes me swoon. Love, love, love the color...love.

So, the iPhoto trick. I'm a little slow on the uptake for the most part. But, today I finally discovered the "Blur the Edges" tool in iPhoto. Anyone know what that is? You can essentially airbrush your photos! I've always been too shy to take photos of my jewelry on me. I think it's so helpful for customers to see the scale though! Such a dilemma...So, I started with rings - fine, no big deal...then I tried earrings and NO WAY! Far too close up. So, I tried necklaces and I was not happy...until I started editing and found the "Blur the Edges" options in iPhoto in the "Effects". Ah, now I can just blur myself out and leave the pretty jewelry in the middle...what a relief. I guess I have to try earrings again. Ugh.


  1. LOVE the White Chalcedony necklace -so unique & I haven't seen anything like it before.

    I was not aware of that iphoto trick, so thanks for sharing! I actually just got my first mac last month, so a lot is new to me :)

  2. Oh GOOD! I'm feeling better about it already...

    Yay for your new Mac! So exciting. I love everything about mine, but I have to say, iPhoto has saved me countless hours. So helpful!

  3. I love the scalloped bezel on the White Chalcedony Necklace...very cool! The creamy cab looks great against the oxidized metal!

    I am right there with you on taking pics of jewelry on myself. ESPECIALLY earrings...ugh. I don't have iPhoto...but I will have to see if any of my programs have a 'blur the edges' effect...my favorite in Corel Paint Shop Pro is skin smoothing...it is THE BEST!

    OH! And I love the labradorite necklace...SO PRETTY!

  4. Thanks Cassandra!

    Oh wow would I love a skin smoothing tool! AND blurring - now, that would be a match made in heaven :)

  5. Erin,
    Those all look gorgeous. Love the scalloped edge!
    Picasa is a great free photo editing software and it has a soft focus, in the effects, that I love to use when taking pictures of my earrings or rings.

  6. Thanks so much Jenn! You know, I have Picassa and I haven't played with the editing tools yet...I've only used it to make collages. Thanks so much for telling me! I'm definitely going to try it out!