Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Showing off my gems

Well, I'm back from Tucson and it was a great trip. I even got to sit in the sun! It was fantastic. However, trying to manage the gem show is nearly impossible :), but I got a ton of new stones and met some new vendors that I'm so excited about. I uploaded a bunch of photos of my new gems to my flickr photostream, so check them out! Here's a photo of the whole load for now!

I also have some new items that I had been working on before I left for Tucson that I finally finished up yesterday. I've only added the Smoky Quartz Ring to my Etsy shop (because I love it the most!), but I hope to get the rest up tonight or tomorrow. That's all for now - just a quick little update...I'll be back with more soon.


  1. ha! i saw that you are waiting for some...i know the feeling!

  2. Oh dear lord I'm jealous.

    What is that stone in the necklace in the second-to-last photo? it's amazing. And I love your setting.

  3. Oh thank you!! It's a quartz with a super cool coppery colored inclusion in it. I got it from @masaoms. Thanks so much!!