Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Painting Inspiration!

I've been taking this painting class for the last couple years.  You are probably thinking, "class?... for a couple years? ...maybe painting isn't your thing..."  But, it's not like that!  It's really like studio time where I get to paint in a REAL artist's studio with lots of fun people, unlimited paint and supplies and ask questions...lots of questions.  Anyway, I haven't been going since this fall and am finally back!
I had been a bit obsessed (there's that word again - I think you will see it a lot) with wintery scenes, birds, dark trees, my house is filled with paintings like this. 

But, now it's SPRING and I want bright, fun, happy colors!  So, I have a color palette that is in my head and I'm hoping to do some fun things with it.   
LOTS of orange and white with some grey and a watery blue accents.  I still don't think I can get away from trees and birds quite yet, but I'm definitely ready for some happier trees and color.  So, of course my teacher, Mark, tells me that orange is the most expensive color to make - so he was literally about to have a heart attack when I told him how much I wanted - I wanted A LOT.  He-he.  He'll be OK.  

Here's a bit about Mark.  

Maybe I'll talk about jewelry soon :)...

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  1. You make wonderful paintings. I love this blog.